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Providing relevant technology for University Housing

Network Information

Poly Canyon Village and Cerro Vista Apartments

Each apartment is equipped with at least one wired Ethernet port in every room, as well as two Aruba 93H wireless access points (shown above)one in the living room located near the TV cable outlet, and a second in one of the bedrooms. The access points provide SecureMustangWireless Internet coverage for the apartment and each Aruba 93H access point is furnished with four Ethernet ports.

Rooms without an Aruba 93H wireless access points have only one active port, which is located in the top left-hand port of the face plate. The location of the face plate in the bedrooms varies from apartment to apartment. 

Study Rooms:

Each study room is also outfitted with at least one Aruba 93H wireless access point providing Internet coverage for the area. Additionally, the access point contains four accessible Ethernet ports. 

Sierra Madre, Yosemite, North Mountain, and South Mountain (Red Brick) Resident Halls

Rooms with Aruba 93H: 

Each Aruba 93H access point is furnished with four Ethernet ports.

Rooms without 93H:

In these rooms the ports labeled (W) and (X) are Ethernet, the (Y) port is inactive, and the last port is a phone line.

Campus Wireless 

The Secure Wireless website (for the rest of campus) maintains a coverage map displaying the locations of campus wireless access points.

Rogue Access Points 

Some students in previous years tried to solve the dilemma of only having access to internet by Ethernet by bringing their own networking hardware (such as switches, hubs, wireless access points, etc.). The Cal Poly Responsible Use Policy strictly forbids the modification of the state network (such as adding switches, hubs, wireless access points, etc.). In addition to it being against state law, adding networking hardware disrupts the operations of the residential network. As we mentioned before, our network is extremely complex. It is not like a simple home network. The presence of these unauthorized devices can actually cause network outages in entire buildings.

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