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Providing relevant technology for University Housing

New to University Housing?

University Housing - Residential Networking Services

What is ResNet?

ResNet is the utility that provides a high-speed data connection to the Internet for every student living in Cal Poly-owned housing. This includes all of the residence halls (Yosemite, Sierra Madre, South Mountain, North Mountain) and apartments (Cerro Vista and Poly Canyon Village).

What does ResNet cost?

ResNet service is provided free of charge to all students living in campus housing and apartments.

What do I get from ResNet?

ResNet provides each student with wired and wireless network access to the Internet. Students using wired access must provide their own Ethernet cable (also called a network cable). We recommend CAT-6 Ethernet cables, but CAT-5 or 5E will also work.

How do I get help?

If you have any questions regarding accessing the network from the residence halls or apartments, please take some time to browse the Information and Support pages of our website, as some issues can be resolved by information on these pages.

Please see this page for specific information on contacting us for support.

Hours & Contact Info

Email: resnet@calpoly.edu

ResNet Main Office:

Hours: Mon - Fri, 9AM - 5PM
Location: Next to Sierra Madre Main Lounge
Phone: (805) 756-5600

ResNet Satellite Office:

Hours: Mon - Sun, 9AM - 8PM
Location: Knowledge Center, Aliso, Poly Canyon Village
Phone: (805) 756-9345

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