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Recent News & Updates

September 17, 2014: Social Media

You can now follow us on Twitter, @CalPolyResNet, and on Facebook at Cal Poly ResNet.

September 10, 2014: Onboarding

Our new Automated system to get you online goes active today. Please navigate to following site for more information:

September 9, 2014: Resident Wifi

We are very excited to announce that this summer new Wi-fi access points were installed to all resident halls. Access points previously were only available to those residing in Cerro Vista, Poly Canyon Village, Yosemite and Sierra Madre. This summer we made Wi-fi accessible to all red bricks (South Mountain) as well as North Mountain buildings.

As this is the very first year that we've ever offered Wi-fi to all of on-campus housing, we may experience new problems with the network that we didn't have previously. We ask that you remain patient while we do our best to resolve any issues. We recommend that upon move-in, you come prepared with an eternet cable as backup in the event of an outage. 

October 16, 2013

Apple's 802.11ac Wi-Fi problems: They're for real

The new MacBook Air, which is outfitted with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter, is radically slower when it comes to transferring real-world files over a wireless connection.

SolutionWell, it took a while, but Apple has finally resolved whatever problem was causing wireless file transfers using its new 802.11ac MacBook Air and Time Capsule to be so slow. If you haven’t already updated to OS X 10.8.5, do it now.